Texas Holdem advanced strategy

The advanced Texas Holdem poker strategy that I am going to discuss involves playing what is referred to as “suited connectors”. These are cards such as 9 of hearts and 10 of hearts. The main thing with playing suited connectors is that you want to hit the flop.

It is difficult to win with suited connectors. However, suited connectors do give you a chance at a straight, a flush, or even a straight flush.

You should only move on to playing suited connecters after mastering the beginner and intermediate strategy. It will also be a big help if you have begun to develop a knack for reading your opponents.

When playing suited connectors before the flop I am not usually aggressive, but prefer to call bets. I recommend calling two bets. Any more and I feel that I am putting too much money into the pot.

Be careful that you don’t overplay your suited connectors – calling too many bets, which then causes you to play too many hands.

Since you will be losing more than winning with suited connectors, you want to win big pots. The more players putting money into the pot can make playing suited connectors profitable in the long run.

Some of the problems with suited connectors are if you’re cards are low (2 of hearts, 3 of hearts) a flush that you may hit can be easily beaten, the same goes for a straight or even a pair that you may make on the flop.

If you do decide to play the low suited connectors read the board and your opponents and don’t be afraid to fold.

I prefer to play the higher connectors such as 8 of clubs, 9 of clubs. That way I stand a better chance of winning with a flush or a straight.

Just how well you have hit the flop will dictate whether you will fold or remain in the hand.

For example, if your two hole cards are 8 of clubs, 9 of clubs and the flop comes down 7 of clubs, 10 of clubs and a Queen of hearts then you would certainly keep playing this hand.

However if the flop came down 5 of hearts, Q of diamonds and Ace of spades – FOLD!

When playing suited connectors a player MUST understand the concepts of pot odds and MUST know the number of outs that you have. This is the clearest way of knowing if you are just chasing a pot or actually have a chance to win it.

Another advanced strategy is Stealing the Blinds. In tight games many players will fold before the flop. If all the players before the button (dealer) fold, oftentimes the player on the button (dealer) will usually raise hoping that the small blind and the big blind will fold. If both the small and big blind do fold, then the player on the button will win the blinds.

The player on the button is said to be in late position. This player is the last to act and has the advantage of watching what the other players do – who bets and how they each react to those bets.

By acting last you get a better feel for how strong the other players’ hands are.