Online Poker Tells

When it comes to online poker, there are less poker tells that will help you know if your opponent is bluffing, compared to live poker, particularly when you are playing online poker Texas Hold’em. This happens obviously because you can’t physically see the player you are playing against.

However, this can be good for your game since you will be able to focus on tactics and improve your skills regarding different situations. On the other hand, there are some online poker tells that can let you find out how strong your opponent’s hand is.

Although it is true that online tells are not as solid as live tells, they can be useful from time to time. However, you should not base your decisions only on them.

Main online poker tells

  • Long waiting and checking
  • Long waiting and betting/raising
  • Checking/calling and then betting
  • Instant betting/checking
  • Player timing out

Long waiting and checking

By this you can tell that your opponent is weak because he wants to trick you into thinking that he is taking into consideration making a move with his hand when in fact he does not have a decent hand. If you are in position, even if you don’t have much of hand, think about raising.

Long waiting and betting/raising

Contrary to the first point, this action shows you are facing a strong hand. In this case, your opponent wants to trick you into thinking that he may check because he has a weak hand but he really has a strong hand.

If you think about it you will see that if you are holding a great poker hand you don’t want to scare your opponents out of the pot and this is why you don’t bet too quickly. If you are in a similar situation, be ready to fold even if you have a decent hand.

Checking/calling flop, then betting small on turn

Suppose you are in position and the other player checks the flop and you bet. Then, the other player calls on your bet and when the turn comes he makes a relatively small bet.

You should never respect a small bet too much because, after all, it is just a weak bet. In a situation like this your opponent probably holds a mediocre hand like a middle pair or a draw.

Your opponent is trying to prevent you from making a large bet since he will not want to call it (because he probably has a weak hand or a draw). By betting first and avoiding calling a bet from you, the other player is trying to show some strength. In poker hold’em, we call this a ‘stop bet’ or blocking bet because what the other player is doing is trying to stop you from making a big bet. In this situation, you should re-raise so as to not allow them to improve their hand.

Checking/instant betting

In almost all online poker sites you’ll find action tabs that you can choose before you have to act and they allow you to act immediately when it is your turn. You should not use these buttons because:

Players who use insta-check, show they are weak since they choose to check even before the action gets to them because they are not interested in the hand.

On the other hand, when your opponent uses insta-betting/raising they are showing strength, because they are happy to put more money into the pot even before seeing what their opponents do and before the action gets to them.

Player timing out

Many players carry out other activities while playing poker online, such as chatting or surfing the net, and this happens because, from a usability point of view, playing online poker is easy. As a result, sometimes these players do not realize this is their turn and waste their time and yours by apologizing via chat.

Since they are not concentrated, they stick to basic poker: they play and raise with good hands and check/fold with bad hands. If this kind of opponent bets, be sure you have a good hand before calling or otherwise fold. If your opponent checks, then you should raise to try to take down the pot but if they call your bet, this may mean that they are on a draw.

Online poker tells evaluation

This article contains the most useful online poker tells available. They are mostly based on the time it takes for your opponent to act to decide what kind of hand they hold.

Experience will allow you to understand the logic’s of poker and to identify people depending on their betting patterns. There is no doubt this is the best way to determine how strong your opponent’s hand is. The best tell is a player’s bet pattern.