No Limit

No limit Texas Holdem Poker. “The Cadillac of Poker Games” as referred to by Doyle Brunson.

This is the game that you see played on TV. The game that created the phrase “all-in”. No limit Texas Holdem Poker.

No limit Texas Holdem Poker requires all of the skills that you have developed while playing limit poker but you’ll also need more patience, more strategy and more bravery than when you played limit holdem.

Many players have a lot of difficulty transforming from playing limit to no limit Texas Holdem poker. As you are making this transition you will want to become a tighter player.

If you are a beginner no limit Holdem player I recommend that you play a play a very tight game. The Texas Holdem Strategy that I recommend is that you play high pairs Ace-Ace through 10-10. Then as you become comfortable with the nuances of no limit Texas Holdem, begin adding A-K, A-Q, A-J.

AA, KK, QQ are good hands to go all in for beginners. But before you do go all in, keep an eye of how your opponents are betting to help determine the strength of there hands.

As you become more comfortable playing NL then you can incorporate more hands – going for flushes, straights etc…

As an intermediate player, begin introducing some of the middle and low pairs into your game 9-9, 8-8 etc.

As an advanced texas holdem poker player, introduce playing suited connectors into your game.

When you begin playing no limit Texas Holdem poker it is important to start putting opponents on a hand – guessing the two hole cards. Do this by paying attention to opponents.

How did they bet their hand before the flop? How much did he bet and what does he want his opponent to do (call, fold, re-raise)?

What did he have the last time he acted this way? How did the flop change how he played? Also, don’t forget about the cards on the board because that will also play into how you assess your opponent’s hand.

Learning how to determine your opponents hole cards will let you know when it’s right to fold those pocket queens or not.

The most important thing is getting comfortable playing the game. As you do get more comfortable you will probably come to enjoy NL over L because, in my opinion, it involves so much more strategy and different nuances- making it a challenge- but an extremely fun one.

Where as in limit holdem you would chase after draws, in no limit you’ll want to chase carefully. If you are holding suited connectors and don’t hit the flop you will want to think about folding. Staying in the game with these can cost you most if not all of your chips. If you do stay in the game, you want to do it with putting as little as possible into the pot.

There is a greater emphasis on hands that connect with the board to make very strong hands. Many very successful no-limit players limit themselves to playing only the best hands.

You should take pre-flop raises very seriously in No limit Texas Holdem Poker, especially if the pot is raised by someone seated in early position.

No limit Texas Holdem Poker rewards the aggressive player. You should always be thinking about what your opponents may be holding and whether you have a hand that is worth raising with.

One very effective tactic that is used in No limit Texas Holdem Poker is “trapping”. Trapping is when you’re hand connects with the flop so as to create an unbeatable (or nearly unbeatable) hand. For example, you have pocket queens and the flop comes down Q-J-Q.

If you bet right into your opponents, they will likely think you have a set of queens and fold right there. By just checking or calling a bet, they may stay in the pot longer thereby creating a larger pot. You obviously end up winning more and potentially a lot more using this trapping technique. The key is that you can only do this with a very strong hand.