Low limit poker strategy

Low limit Poker games start at about the $.50/$1 blind structure. There are even micro limit games that start out as low as $.02/$.04. You will usually (but not always) find the weakest players at the low limit tables. However, some good players play low limit poker to take advantage of the weak players.

Low limit hold em strategy

Play solid hands and focus on learning the basics – learning what hands to play in which position, reading your opponents etc… and then as you improve and are winning consistently you are ready to move up to the next level.

With so many different strategy guides out there it can be tough to figure out what low limit poker strategy is the best to follow. While some may give you exact ways you should play; the good ones will help you take your style and turn it into a winning strategy.

If you keep the following issues in mind you will be able to become a winning poker player no matter what your skill level is. The problem is that so many people try to avoid these simple tactics that can increase your ability to win.

The first thing to think about when you are trying to figure out how to win low limit poker is your competition. What kind of competition are you going to face and what are their tendencies? For the most part, much of your competition is going to be very similar. At the same time; there is going to be different players that have different styles and different skill levels.

Just because someone is playing at low limits that does not mean that they are not good players. There are actually some very good players, but that is not the focus. The focus here is to think about the majority and adapt to the rest.

The majority of your competition will be weak and loose. With such small amounts of money a lot of people will not care if they lose it or not. When players are not very serious about poker and do not care about losing their money; you will run into some stupid decisions.

Keeping that in mind you should be able to take advantage of them. If you are playing at a tight table you want to loosen up and if you are playing at a loose table you should tighten up. Either way, keep in mind that naturally, your low limit opponents will be willing to take a lot of risk.

Keep protecting your Hands and be Patient

Even though you may feel like it is doing no good what so ever, you still have to protect your hands. When you have good hands you have to bet them. If you get a bad beat it is not a big deal. You are going to get bad beats and you have to remember that when you are playing. Still, in the long run you are going to win more then you are going to lose.

Playing solid poker pays off more then ever when you play at the low limits. It is true that you will experience more bad beats. Along with them, you will also make more money when it is all said and done. More times than not, those bad beats will be money in your bankroll. Believe it or not the odds and numbers do all add up in the end. Down the road when you check up on your statistics you will see just how much money you are really making over the long haul. Low limit poker doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a strategy and win money.