High Limit

High Limit Poker games have a blind structure that begins at about $15/$30 with some online poker games getting as high as $1000/$2000. Even at the $15/$30 level you will easily be playing for pots that are several hundreds of dollars.

If you are good enough, you can make quite a bit of money at these levels. You can reach these levels. In order to do so you need lots of practice, patience and discipline. Only move up in blinds when you have been a consistent winner at your current level for at least a couple of months if not more.

High Limit Poker Strategy

If you are a good poker player and it is a big part of your life then you probably have dreams of playing and winning at high limit poker. Believe it or not, this is possible to do all starting with limits as low as they come. You can start out at the bottom and before you know it work your way up as high as you want. If you are going to do this you will need to be fearless, selective and consistent.

Playing high limit poker is nothing to joke about. Whether you like your money or not you have to risk a lot of money to play in these games. You should have full confidence in yourself and believe firmly and fully that you are great at the game. Of course, there is always room for improvement but you should really be at the top of your game. If not, then keep practicing and learning. If you are, then be prepared to experience life changing events for many years to come.


Part of a successful high limit poker strategy is being a fearless player. If you are afraid of losing money and making huge plays, turn around and walk away; you are not ready for this. If you have confidence that you will be able to make strong bets and hang with the best of them then move forward with full force. Playing with fear will do nothing except lose you money. Playing with confidence and guts will win you more money then you could ever imagine. If you are looking to play high limit poker you probably already have all the skills needed; you just have to make a smooth transfer over to high limits.


You have to be selective with more than one thing. You have to be selective with your hands, tables and playing times. There are going to be tables that fit you better then others and you should never settle for anything less. Even more importantly; you have to be selective with your hands. High limit poker games are very aggressive. There is nothing more important then being selective with your hands. This will allow you to be able to only risk the most amounts of money on the best hands.


The majority of the time consistency is not a good thing when it comes to poker strategy. Switching up your game is always a good thing to do. That is not the consistency that is being talked about here. This is meaning consistency between lower limits and higher limits. If you are thinking about moving up then you probably have been successful in lower limits. Keep doing what you are doing and do not let the money factor mess with your head. There is no difference except you are going to have better competition and more money involved. Both of these things are something that you will have to learn to get used to.

Your strategy shouldn’t change much just because it is high limit poker. Stick to the basics and have some confidence in yourself. That is going to get you further then any poker book or strategy guide could get you. Once you develop a comfort zone and get used to the high limit tables you will be amazed at what you can do. Keep focused on making the best decisions and keep playing your opponents. Too many players try to switch up their strategy too much which will only hurt you. You know how to play this game, so implement that to your high limit poker strategy.